all things come to those who wait

all things come to those who wait
Cf. Fr. tout vient à celui qui sait attendre, all comes to him who knows how to wait.

1530 A. BARCLAY Eclogues (EETS) II. 843 Somewhat shall come who can his time abide.

1642 G. TORRIANO Select Italian Proverbs 26 He who can wait, hath what he desireth.

1847 DISRAELI Tancred II. IV. viii. I have got it at last, everything comes if a man will only wait.

1872 V. FANE Tout vient à qui sait Attendre in From Dawn to Noon II. 85 Ah! ‘All things come to those who wait.’.. They come, but often come too late.

1980 M. SELLERS Leonardo & Others viii. Everything comes to those who wait. The theory fitted well into my lazy way of thinking.

2002 Times 2 14 Feb. 7 Until last week I considered the proverb ‘All things come to those who wait’ to be up there with ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ on the list of fatuous remarks to make when your best friend has failed a vital job interview, been dumped by the love of his life, dropped his dentures down a drain or been trapped for hours on the Tube.

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